Unleach the power of AI

Optimize marketing campaigns

Campaign targeting is hard. Our AI technology keeps an eye on your retail store through existing cameras to gather information about your visitors: age, gender, social group, mood, visit duration, shoppers paths, dwell time and much more to enable high efficiency campaigns and maximize conversions.

A/B test your shelves

Optimize and validate your store layout by testing product placements, measuring the impact and reacting to it. With our real-time metrics, don't lose opportunities on the big day: you can apply A/B testing and adapt on the spot.

Plan staff & inventory ahead

Our algorithms automatically gather external data points like weather, popular events, ... and match them with metrics of your store to predict traffic up to 10 days ahead. Leverage this information to plan your staff and inventory accordingly.

Real-time notifications

Setup alerts to define metrics thresholds. For example, offer to your customers real-time occupancy metrics to let them choose the right moment to visit your store ! Or just alert your staff when dwell time becomes too high... it's up to you.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Noox is API-ready, it requires minimal effort for an average developer to send metrics to your existing systems like CRM, ERP (SAP, Salesforce, emails, Slack...) or any tool you might use in the future. See our use cases >>