How does your solution works ?

We connect to IP cameras at your disposition (CCTV, surveillance cameras...) to analyze videos in real-time. Using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, we extract key data points out of video streams and aggregate them into a dashboard and an API for you to analyze. We detect shoppers as they enter cameras' field of view and extract data points for marketing purposes like gender, age, size, weight, social group. Using posture detection, Noox also tracks people path in the store as well as dwell time. All of these metrics are collected and anonymized to comply with regulations and respect your customers privacy.

Why is Noox better than existing solutions ?

Noox connects to your existing equipment without further investments needed. Since it is a software-based solution, you don't have to invest constantly in new costly hardware technologies. You connect NooxVision and you always get the latest state-of-the-art models at no additional cost.

Moreover, NooxVision offers an API to easily integrate with your current tools. No need to manually export data to a spreadsheet to match sales with our analytics: just consume our API and put all data into your current BI workflow, or better, let NooxVision communicate directly with your ERP, CRM, eMail... for automation.

I don't understand how your solution integrates with my hardware ?

Typically our customers have a fleet of CCTV cameras in one or many stores. Cameras connected to a network have an IP address just like a any device. We ask our customers to open a specific port of their firewall in order for NooxVision to connect to their video stream. Since this operation opens the system to the outside world, we highly recommend to whitelist NooxVision's IP only to prevent any attack vectors. As an additional security step we also provide a VPN tunnel to encrypt comunication betweeen the camera and NooxVision if necessary (additional costs may be required).

Is your solution regulation-compliant ?

Yes ! We are from France, where data regulation are very restrictive, so we built a solution that respects privacy through anonymization. As our models detect faces, it automatically blurs them and we identify people using other non-personal data points. As a result we never know who we are looking at, but we have enough clues for marketing purposes. Precisely, Noox does not allow to identify people.

What is the ROI if I install your solution ?

Since there is no costly investment on hardware there is no high entry cost nor high maintenance cost. For instance, Noox updates are provided for free like any other SaaS solution. We offer a subscription-based pricing per camera. This subscription fee costs less than a restaurant meal... That being said, with campaign re-targeting alone, you may absorb Noox cost right from your first campaign.

What is an API ?

An API is a way to consume application like Noox, programatically, without a human intervention. This is interesting if you don't want to allocate resources to monitor Noox's dashboard manually, and need to cross Noox metrics with other solutions. For example, Noox does not have any information about your sales or inventory. However, our dashboard allows you to export people counts into a spreadsheet to match sales with your traffic, but that would require a person to manually do so. An API, like Noox offers, allows a programmer to export these data automatically from Noox and integrate them into your existing solutions directly without manual intervention. Furthermore, if you already use other tools able to receive external data like Salesforce, SAP, Slack or any other system, Noox can easily communicate with these to extend possibilities and automate processes.