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In-store Analytics with any camera

Just like Google Analytics but for retail stores

Shopper waiting in store, with camera extracting analytics

Real-time analytics

We connect to existing surveillance cameras (CCTV) and process the video footage with artificial intelligence models. We report then, to managers about visitors' behavior in a dashboard that can be connected to any API.

NooxVision desktop dashboard
Customer looking at products

Social distancing & Masks detection

COVID-19 brought new challenges for retail stores and the security of their customers. Is social distancing respected across all stores ? Do people usually wear masks ? We detect those elements and report them to respect new hygienes norms on a daily basis.

Visitor profile

Profile your typical visitors

Campaign targeting is hard. Noox helps you understand who are your visitors by collecting anonymous data: age, gender, social group, mood, visit duration, shoppers paths, dwell time and much more...

Customer looking at products

A/B test your products

Optimize and validate your store layout by testing product placements. With our real-time metrics, don't lose opportunities on the big day: you can apply A/B testing and adapt on the spot.

Worker in inventory

Plan staff & inventory ahead

Our algorithms gather external data points like weather, popular events, ... and match them with metrics of your store to predict traffic up to several days ahead. Leverage this information to plan your staff and inventory accordingly.

Noox Dashboard

Visualize all your metrics easily in our intuitive dashbaord. Accessible directly from any desktop browser or smartphone, It enables managers to take decisions quickly and effectively

NooxVision desktop dashboard

Customers analysis

Analyze and understand your customers shopping behavior with our profiling algorithms. Know everything about them to deliver the best products at the right time.

Store Heatmap

Visualize how customers engage with products and analyze their paths, average time spent in area of the store and adapt to that to optimize the store layout.

Smart insights

Our algorithms work like a personal assitant for managers and marketeers, they constantly analyze sales and traffic to alerte you in real-time about opportunities and potential problems.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Noox is API-ready, easily send metrics to your existing systems like SAP, Salesforce, emails, Slack... or any tool you already use.

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